A Game with only 18 Card

Anlin Liu



  • The setting of the game world: A Game of Thrones, Alice in Wonderland
  • The gameplay: Rock Paper Scissors


In the game Rock Paper Scissors, the rock hit scissors and was tied by paper but never had a chance to change the rule. So, I would like to add some functional cards that allow changing the basic rules in my prototype.

Game rules:

The game consists of two people. Each of them has three character cards and six function cards. Players need to choose a character card and a function card in each round and place them on the table. Two players simultaneously reveal the character card and then display the function card. 


Character card: 

King card, Citizen card, Pauper card

The king card can beat the citizen card, the citizen card can defeat the beggar card, but the beggar card can conversely restrict the king card.

Function card:

Blank card: This card does not affect the result. If you do not want to change the fundamental relationship among the three character cards, the blank card is your best choice.

Switch card: The function of this card is to exchange the character card placed on the table on both sides. 

Victory card: The victory card means you can win this round directly, whatever your character card is.

Equal card: The equal card means this round will be a tie, no matter what kind of cards the two sides have.

Unfair card: You win if both of you choose the same character card.

Chance card: You can use the rest of the character cards and function cards to play one more round; the winner depends on the next round.


Making 3+6 card

I draw and design all of the cards in my game with PS and AI; print the card with UAL school printer, cut the papers with a paper knife; glue the front and back sides with a spray mount, which was told by the teacher at printer studio.

Character card

These are the three character card styles I designed, and I chose the last one.

Figure A

Function card

Here are six function cards designed by myself.

Figure B

Function Card Design Reference:

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  2. https://www.zcool.com.cn/work/ZMzE2MjA0NDA=.html
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Making the cards

Printing them

Figure C

Cutting them

Figure D
Figure E
Figure F

Gluing them

Figure G
Figure H


Figure I
Figure J

Testing and Feedback

When I playtest with my friend, we found that I did not order the function cards to play the special effects. Also, I did not set the round number and the final victory conditions (I only set the conditions for winning each game).

So I decided to update my game. The problem with the order in which the function cards are used focuses on the four situations where the cards appear simultaneously as unfair card and equal card, chance card and switch card, chance cars and unfair card, and equal card and chance card. Here is the updating information.

calculate the order between unfair card and equal card
calculate the order between chance card and unfair card
calculate the order between chance card and equal card
calculate the order between unfair card and equal card + the final order about the function card

After a new playtesting, the best round number is five, with an additional round in the event of a tie. I decided best three out of five because I do not want this game like gambling. I want more strategy and psywar in this game. The playtesting shows that if the player wins the first round, he wins the whole game in the best two out of three. However, it does not work in the best three out of five.

If I had the chance to continue working on this game, I would probably design the function card decks’ names to fit better the game’s worldview (royal power struggle). For example, equal to communism, blank to nihility, victory to power, etc., to make the entire story of the game cards more unified.

Also, if possible, I would like to add three additional game characters, e.g., minister, general, etc. Because in the current game, it is a massive hassle for players to recycle used character cards after the third game manually.