Procedural Art


LocoRoco is my favorite game when I was a young girl. It brings me happiness. I wanted to respect this game by creating procedural art that makes people happy this time.

LocoRoco screenshot


weird squares (have cute face and body shaking), different color

LocoRoco screenshot


This is a draft drawn in the early stages of the game design. The game allows players to color the lovely LocoRoco in their favorite color. Then the computer randomly generates LocoRoco in different places on the screen. The computer will also randomly generate different rotation speeds for the LocoRoco. In this way, an animation is created just for the player.

Drawing sprites

I drew the four characters and some other game materials, referring to the character designs in LocoRoco.


The hardest part of this game program was getting the computer to recognize the color chosen by the player and get the data for this color to use not only in the current scene but also to be read by the code in other scenes. In this case, I learned to use static valuable to store the color information so that the variable could be used in the whole game.

My Game Display


I had a lot of fun making this game. If I continue to make this game in the future, I hope to add more details. For example, I would like to draw more expressions and actions for LocoRoco, such as reading a book, sleeping, catching up on homework, etc.

In addition, this generative art is currently only visually related. If possible, I would like to assign each color LocoRoco to a note. This way, each time a random animation is generated, a song is also generated randomly, enabling a visual-auditory connection.