Avoid and Collect game

I am still a beginner in unity and C#, but eager to become the master of both of them. So I decided to design four digital games in order to practice the skill in unity and other game maker tools. This game is the first one.

This game is called sheep and ship. I chose these two items because my mom’s Chinese zodiac is sheep, and the ship has the same pronunciation as sheep. In this game, the player controls the ship to collect sheep and avoids little evil.

game screenshot

This game has two controlling modes, using the A/D key to move left/right and the mouse controller. Players can press space to switch mode. I learned how to use C# to get mouse and keyboard input in this case. I also gain some primary programming language and mathematic, such as if/else and while. Thanks for Zans unity document and google!

the primary programming language( the script in my game )
the primary programming language( the script in my game )

I write a random system about sheep and devils. The difference between these two scripts is the number of objects each time.

I give sheep and devils random rotation.

Add some audio sound and effect to the game.

Add a system to count the score.


This game does not incorporate a clear introduction to operation. During playtesting, players running the game usually did not know how to operate it and needed me to dictate it to them. If I update this game, I will optimize this section.

Secondly, some players asked when the game would end. This wondering made me realize that a countdown system should be added to clarify the game’s goal: to get a higher score within the time limit.

Thirdly, the game could be set to increase in difficulty as time increases. As time increases, the devils become more and more numerous. As time rises, the sheep fall faster and faster.