Twine or Bitsy Narrative Game

Learn how to use Twine

I learned how to use Twine as a beginner through YouTube first in this project. Thanks to Youtuber MrOommen1, DigitalExposureTV, and Adam Hammond. They are good teachers of Twine. I also the note when I watch these videos, in case I forget the steps about how to program in Twine later.

The note

Draw a story map/line

I draw a story map before I write the story. Figure A is the first map I draw. Then is figure B. Finally, I deleted the story about a pig, rabbit, and owl due to the mini brief.

Figure A
Figure B

Learn how to create my own website

Twine can only use the picture and music on the website. If someone deletes the original resources, the items will be disappeared from my Twine game too. So I decided to create my own website to store the resources.

My own website link:

Anlin Liu’s website

Draw pictures for my twine game

A game with only words can be tedious, so I decided to draw some pictures adding to the game. For time reasons, I finally decided to draw the important characters in the game, such as the cat, the fox, the dinosaur, the sheep, etc.

the cat
the sheep
the fox
the dinosaur
the star

Story background

The name of this game is Insomnia. The story is about an insomniac child who goes out for a walk at night and meets lots of cute little animals, and many amazing stories happen. This game has three endings: stories about death, aesthetics, and saying goodbye to someone you loved.


  1. The Great Blue Yonder – by Alex Shearer
  2. The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

My Game Display


If possible, I would like to make this story into a story picture book with lovely illustrations on every page.

Also, in playtesting, most players could only access ending three, and the chances of access to ending one and ending two were low (although they were the two endings I found most attractive). I have added all of the storylines in my prototype video. If you want to see these two endings, you can take a look at the video. So, if I had the opportunity to update the game, I would increase the frequency of endings one and two.