12 Second Physics Game


I want to design a game that allows players to build and find their way through the levels. Inspired by the project procedural art, I would like to let every player pass the game while creating their own picture by being an artist.

So, this game has to consist of some items that players can drag and drop wherever they want. The player can rotate, enlarge, and narrow these items. A start point and a winning point are needed in this game. I also have to create a cute character for this game.


Game rules

  1. Drag and drop those six items into the blank space.
  2. Press the item and use A to rotate the object.
  3. Press the item and use W/S to enlarge/narrow the item.
  4. Press Space to jump.
  5. Let the character reach to the other side.


I made a cute character. He has a white circle body with a sprout on his head.


Because I want to add some animation to this game, I also draw an action sequence frame for this character.

action sequence frame


I made an instantiate system for the drag and drop system.

I made animation and the animator controller to change character states. I also made a stop animation if the character collider hits the items collider.

I add a force to the character if the player presses space.

I made a script to let players rotate the items. This script also allows players to enlarge and narrow the items within certain limits, which means the player cannot zoom in and out indefinitely (fixed by playtesting).


top-down movement in unity!

My Game Display


By making this game, I learned how to use the animators and animation components in the unity engine and practiced using colliders and triggers.

If I continue to make this game, I would like to add some levels. See that some obstacles are placed in the levels, and the difficulty gradually increases as the number of levels increases.

Also, during playtesting, it shows that you can control the character to move to items and then drag and drop items directly to let the character get to the end. This is a bug that I will fix if I get a chance.